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Why we encourage SMBs to use Google Cloud?

Unlike larger enterprises with plentiful supply of captial and human resource, SMBs are more selective and precise when it comes to managing corporate resources. Google Cloud is the best choice for any SMBs looking for powerful solutions with great cost performance and flexible payment options.

Current trend of the external environment

Only pay for the number of users and the most up-to-date office software is at your fingertips

Large enterprises have always been investing a lot of money and manpower into building all kinds of business critical application/software to enhance productiviy while most SMBs lack the resources to do so, leaving them no choice but to rely on Excel to complete most of their tasks.

However, with the emergence of SaaS business comes the ‘pay as you go’ system which totally revolutionized the business procurement behaviour. Subscription based service allows users to opt-in when a service is needed instead of paying for perpetual ownership.

Apart from that, the ‘pay as you go’ model gives businesses more flexibility in terms of business software procurement.

Thanks to the prevalence of cloud technology, users today have access to many top-notch applications simply by clicking the subscribe button. The per user pricing model makes it a lot more easier for SMBs to enjoy the same productivity suite powered by Google’s most advanced technology that Google itself is using internally everyday.

Business operation’s point of view

Be the ‘free rider’ of Google’s technology

The best thing about Google’s G Suite is that it already contains everything a SMB needs for work therefore a SMB is able to save time and money on evaluating and purchasing all kinds of office hardware and software.

With G Suite’s built-in office applications, you can accomplish so much from day 1. Apart from that, there are many third-party tools out there that can be integrated with G Suite waiting for you to discover.

G Suite with these powerful add-ons will make the impossible to possible and bring your productivity to the next level.

The office applications included in Google’s G Suite are designed to help you work better and achieve better which ultimately leads your business to success. G Suite is indeed the smartest and easiest choice for any SMBs.

Why we focus on SMBs

It is relatively easy for SMBs to embrace new ideas

From our own experience of working with so many SMBs over the years, we realized that the true reason why G Suite is so popular among the SMBs is because G Suite is a standardized and mature product that is relatively easy to adopt. When most employees are able to utilize the tools of G Suite to do their work, the productivity of the employees will significantly improve therefore allowing the company to see the true benefits of Google’s cloud-based office productivity software.

Businesses that chose us as their partner, regardless of what type and size, usually share these ideas and features.

  • Wish to improve efficiency of the existing IT systems and ultimately improve employees’ productivity at work.
  • Current work style is unsatisfying and the company has a strong desire for change.
  • Having a profound understanding of ‘time is money’

Our position as a Google partner

A connecting bridge between Google and our clients

Although Google has always put their business users in the center when developing its services, many SMBs still think it’s hard to adopt Google’s solutions into their workplace. For those who wish to adopt Google’s technology into their workplace, it is our goal to fill in the gap by giving them the support they need. As a Google certified partner, we consider ourself as a connecting bridge between Google and our business clients. It is our continuous goal and mission to help them implement and apply Google’s solution to every aspect of their work, and provide ongoing support for our customers.

We will never encourage our clients to replace all their systems with Google’s solutions nor do we ever force them to adapt a 100% cloud strategy. No matter what type of system a company adapts, whether it’s a hybrid cloud system or a self-hosted environment, it is considered a good system as long as it works well for the company.

We chose not to become a partner/reseller of Amazon and Microsoft not just out of courtesy as a Google partner/reseller but also because we truly believe that as a small company, we should not try to get our hands on everything.