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Want to know what Google Workspace (G Suite) is and the benefits of using it?
What are the key factors to consider before implementing Google Workspace (G Suite)?
Here’s what you need to know at different stages of the procurement.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Google Workspace (G Suite)

Have you only heard of Gmail, but have no idea what (Google Workspace) G Suite is? Want to know what benefits Google Workspace (G Suite) bring and which costs can be saved? Find the answers through the following pages.

Google Workspace (G Suite) is the best choice for a growing SMB

Google Workspace (G Suite) is a productivity suite by Google that consists of many cloud-based applications. For most SMBs with no more than 300 employees, it is much easier to adopt one fully-comprehensive platform than assembling different solutions from different vendors and then spending a lot of time on figuring out how each different part works. Fortunately, Google has the perfect platform for SMBs and that is Google Workspace (G Suite).

We strongly believe the best way for any SMB to effectively improve its work process is by leveraging Google’s technology stack and equipping the staff with the appropriate skill to make full use of the tools at work. Once the new habit is established, a business can then consider adding some other tools or third-party solutions to the existing stack that is already running smoothly within the whole organization.

Why we encourage SMBs to use Google Cloud such as Google Workspace (G Suite)?

Here is some more reasons why should use Google Workspace (G Suite)

Stay connected from anywhere

With Google Workspace (G Suite) for Business everything is automatically saved in the cloud – 100% powered by the web. This means that emails, documents, calendar and sites can be accessed – and edited – on almost any mobile device or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

Bring teams together

Fast, easy collaboration is what makes Google Workspace (G Suite) unique. Our website and document creation tools offer real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility.

Security and privacy first

Google Workspace (G Suite) for Work includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control.

Easy IT staff maintenance

Every company spends a lot of amount on IT maintenance. Google Workspace (G Suite) doesn’t requires any maintenance and it is enabled to keep everything updated.

Go green

Google Workspace (G Suite) not only helps you but also helps our environment. It reduces expenses, other impacts like unnecessary use of papers and its bad effects on environments. So use Google and go green!

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Factors to Consider Before Buying

Before making up your mind, refer to the following pages if you are concerned about the cost-effectiveness of Google Workspace (G Suite), whether you can use it in China and data security in the cloud.

Google Workspace (G Suite) Buyer’s Guide

You may be unsure about where to buy Google Workspace (G Suite), how to choose a reseller, etc. Here are some information you should be aware of when choosing the right channel to buy from.