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G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

Got no ITs or MIS personnel in your company? ITs have no time to explore the G Suite Admin Console? Don’t worry, we can be your G Suite Admin and perform administrative jobs from the G Suite Admin Console for you. Whether it’s adding new users, setting up forwarding rules, or creating black and white list, we will get the job done right upon notification.

3 benefits of using G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

1 – Save 100% of MIS personnel costs

The average monthly salary of an IT admin is US$500. For small businesses, it is not an affordable price. Through our G Suite Managed Service, we offer you FREE OF CHARGE as you are our G Suite customer. You can have a whole team of professionals as your G Suite Admins and perform administrative jobs for you from the G Suite Admin Console.

2 – Solve problem directly for you whenever it happens

Whenever there’s a problem occur such as a Gmail manage issue or having a personnel change, you don’t need to login to the G Suite Admin Console and find the right place to do the right settings anymore. Just call or email us and a pro from our team will do it right away from the G Suite Admin Console so you don’t even have to raise a finger.

3 – Zero risk and strengthen security by 40%

By handing it over to the G Suite expert to operate the G Suite Admin Console, you can avoid 80% of operational mistakes. In addition, some advanced settings of the G Suite Admin Console, such as setting up email blacklist and whitelist, setting up security policies for passwords can also be done by us therefore effectively improve the overall level of G Suite security by 40%.

G Suite Admin Console managed by certified professional

As a long-time Google partner, we have more than 5 years of experience in this area. With the knowledge and skill, we have assisted more than a hundred companies ‘go G Suite’. You can trust us for managing G Suite as we are familiar with the G Suite Admin Console and every features. We can also perform administrative tasks according to your requirements or even perform advanced settings for security enhancement.

Service scope of G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

  • Add or manage users: add new accounts, rename a user, or reset passwords
  • Create groups: create group emails for different departments or projects
  • Application Management – Gmail manage: Complete common Gmail settings, such as black and whitelists, email forwarding, and more
  • Application Management – Google Drive: when an employee leaves, we can transfer the ownership of Google Drive to the designated successor
  • Application Management – Calendar: create public resources for reservations such as meeting rooms, cameras, etc. in Google Calendar
  • Add domains: create G Suite domain aliases or adding other domains for your organization
  • Assign administrative role: assign an employee as the super administrator or as other administrative role
  • Manage security features: set up various settings to improve the level of G Suite security for your company
  • Set up company profile: complete configurations including language setting, uploading the company logo and other settings for you

G Suite Admin Console Managed Service Pricing


For our G Suite customer only