USD6 per month for just 1 user, yes or no?

There are usually more than a hundred companies who contacted us to inquire about G Suite pricing every month, among which are some companies who argue that the G Suite pricing is too high. Based on our experience of selling G Suite for over 5 years, companies like that regardless of size and scale, all share one thing in common, which is having the idea that G Suite is just a mutation of Gmail. The cheapest G Suite pricing plan costs USD6 per user per month. Is it cheap or expensive? Read on before you jump to a conclusion too fast.

You come to the office, open a Word or Excel file in your PC, attach it to an email in Outlook and send it out

If the scenario described in the title above brings up a nostalgic feeling then you’re probably already using G Suite at work. On the contrary, if this is exactly what your typical work day looks like, you might be working at one of the companies that would say the USD6/user/year G Suite pricing is too expensive.

Even if you are working in one of those companies, it doesn’t mean that you and your colleagues are not cool. Almost everybody has at least one mobile device to check social media and text with friends on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. When is the last time you wrote an email to your friend? You might not even remember. Our daily life has been surrounded by cloud technology, but your workplace hasn’t keep up yet.

Email is losing dominance in the workplace

For those who still rely heavily on emails for business communication, it might be very hard for them to accept the fact that email is losing its dominant place in the workplace as a means of communication. If you ever have the chance to ask a G Suite or Office 365 user about his or her opinion of email, you might hear something like: “I still use emails to communicate with people outside of the company. However, I seldom use email for internal communication.”

Now, you may have already know that G Suite is a set of office applications for people to do all kinds of work. G Suite is never just a business version of Gmail. Although email still plays a fundamental part in our day-to-day life, we don’t rely on it as much as we used to be anymore because nowadays we have so many other great communication tools that are more convenient and effective than email. Apart from checking and sending emails, a typical day of a modern worker also involves sharing files with other colleagues, doing group chats and conducting online meetings. Companies that are unable to provide its workers with a solution that can bring their company to the next level of workplace innovation are doomed to fall behind.

What you really buy is an agile work style

For those who have never experienced G Suite, it is very hard for them to understand the value of G Suite as an intelligent office suite rather than a mutation of Gmail that costs USD6 per month. However, for those who have been using G Suite at work, what they really get is the agility and an uplift of productivity that G Suite brings to their workplace at the cost of only USD6 a month.
People always tend to make judgements based on their own experience. If you have any friends who work in a company that’s on G Suite or Office 365, ask them if they are willing to go back to the legacy system in order to save USD6 every month for their company. Or try to ask a newly joined colleague whose former employer is on a cloud-based office tool if they are willing to pay for their own license fee just so they can enjoy the same agility that they used to have within his or her former workplace.

We only use email so USD6 a month is unacceptable

If that’s the case for you, G Suite may not be a good fit for your company. We sincerely suggest you to consider other options. There are a lot of low-cost email services out there for you to consider.

Got a tight budget? You can start with your MVPs

In order to increase the level of productivity and agility in your organization, you are willing to invest in G Suite but you have a tight budget? Don’t worry because we have a workaround for that. We understand that in some organizations, only certain groups of people have a need for more advanced tools that can help them do their best at work. Such groups may be the administration center of a large franchise or the headquarters of big enterprises. For those kind of organizations, there is no need to purchase G Suite for the whole company, instead, they can choose to only invest in the MVPs of the company. The good news is, technology today allows companies to implement more than one system in order to fulfill different business needs. Therefore, it is possible to make a certain group of people on G Suite and the others on the legacy mail server. This way, companies can invest in the most valuable teams and see the positive change right away with less economic pressure. Please contact our team, we will help you out in this case.