How to choose a G Suite reseller (partner)?

Once you decided to purchase G Suite from a distributor, how would you go about selecting the distributor most suited to your company? Below are the categories of G Suite distributors, as well as our recommendations in selecting the distributor that best match your needs.

There are primarily 3 categories of vendors that sells G Suite

1 – System Integration (SI) vendors

Mainly involved in assisting clients with carrying out integration of their company system. In order to make the process more convenient for the client, the distributor will also sell the enterprise version of the e-mail system (G Suite, Office 365, etc.) so that the client is able to consolidate their payment window and operational procedures.

2 – Cloud-based SI vendors

The main difference of these SI vendor with the first category is that the former applies on-premise setup and installation, while the vendors belong to the second category uses cloud-based products as the solution package, and provide assistance to client in meeting the system requirements.

3 – Official distributors that are exclusive sellers of Google products

Distributors who have been officially certified by Google, and our company falls into this category.

We have position ourselves to provide support to “clients who are already using G Suite or have chosen to use G Suite”. That is our primary role, thus we will not force nor persuade our clients to use G Suite, but let them decide for themselves which system they would like to use based on their own needs. Of course, we also do not feel that companies must move everything to cloud. Once the company has evaluated the relevant internal and external factors, they can choose the environment most appropriate for them.

If the client does eventually choose to use G Suite, we shall assist them in obtaining the best user experience. That is our basic policy when it comes to the sales of G Suite. In addition, we also have established good working relationships and collaboration system with other SI vendors, so that we can become the better option for our clients.

How should you choose a distributor? That depends on your needs.

Those who have their own SI partners, but would likea to move part of their workplace onto cloud.

If you hope to create a cloud office environment within your corporation, but is uncertain how to approach this due to already having a traditional SI partner, please feel free to contact us! We can not only help you take your office environment onto cloud, but are also more than happy to cooperate with your existing SI vendor, so that the entire process will be easy and painless for your company.

Those who want to move all their internal systems to cloud

If you would like to move your corporation’s entire internal environment from on-premise to cloud, you can consider seeking the services of an company SI cloud integration vendor that specializes in providing cloud-based integration solutions. This way, there is an SI company that can provide you with the best service, regardless of what service you wish to use, whether it is from Google, AW, Azure, or others.

Those who want to move part of their work environment to cloud, but has no SI partners or existing cloud environment

If your company does not have an existing cloud environment, no pre-existing SI partner, but you have the need to take your work environment to the cloud, it is recommended that you seek out the services of a exclusive G Suite seller. In terms of our company, we can not only provide the invoice and technical support, We also have SI partners that we can put you in contact with, should you have the need to set up or integrate your system.