We solve all your G Suite issues

In order to make users feel more at ease and experience G Suite burden-free, we provide the following G Suite Enterprise Yearly Support Package, which allows you to enjoy operational and configuration technical support resources in addition to using G Suite.

G Suite Support for Cloud Cambodia customers

Technical Support Hotline

If you encounter any configuration or operational issues while using G Suite, you can call or email Cloud Cambodia for help. We will have dedicated representatives who can immediately help you solve the G Suite setup and operation issues.

Emergency Email

When an anomaly with G Suite or other services occurs, our dedicated representatives will notify the person-in-charge of each company via email, informing them of the problem and saving time and trouble to enquire in-person.

G Suite Support Pricing

Special price for Cloud Cambodia customers only


The G Suite Support Package comes with your G Suite contract at no extra cost throughout the entire contract period. Here at Cloud Cambodia, we don’t just sell G Suite license but also give you a peace of mind with our thoughtful services.