How to transfer from Google to a reseller (partner)?

Since Google only accepts credit card payments (in USD) for purchasing G Suite online from Google, if you wish to use bank transfer and pay with local currency in order to avoid exchange loss that may come with paying by a credit card, you can switch your G Suite billing to a Malaysia reseller who offers such payment method.

Transferring your G Suite billing will not affect the use of service.

A transfer token is a 16-digit alphanumeric code that can be generated from the G Suite admin console. With this token, you can transfer your G Suite billing to a reseller in order to pay your G Suite billing through that chosen reseller. The transfer token will not transfer your G Suite data and it will not affect the use of service. The process of transferring G Suite billing to a reseller usually takes about 6 hours to complete. During the transition, you can still use all the Google services as usual.

Advantages of purchasing G Suite through Cloud Cambodia

1 – Convenience of cash flow

Through purchasing G Suite from Cloud Cambodia, not only will you be able to use bank transfer, but you can also choose to pay in local currency. This grants you more convenience and flexibility in payment.

2 – Free technical support

If you encounter any problems with the use, or do not know how to set up the G Suite Admin Console, you can contact our specialists by phone or email, who will respond instantly within 24 hours.